Halloween Costume Contest for MNSOC 2011

Here are the seven simple rules for entering our annual costume contest:

1.  Make a costume!  You can alter a premade costume, modify regular clothing, glue/duct tape/staple objects together, or sew the whole kit and caboodle from scratch.  However, you must have actually MADE the costume, and not bought one.

2.  Add accessories!  Now these can be store-bought.  Or they can be store-bought and modified, or made by hand.

3.  Take a picture!  Then upload said picture to the Halloween Contest Facebook Page here.

4.  Vote!  Oh sure, you should definitely vote for yourself.  And then encourage EVERYONE YOU KNOW to log on to Facebook, find the page, and vote for your costume.

5.  Vote for others!  By October 31st!  How do you vote, you ask?  Simply click on the picture and leave a comment along the lines of, “I vote for this here costume, kthxbai.”  Please, only one vote per costume, per person.

6.  Other rule-type things!

–  Your costume does not have to have been made in 2011.

–  It does, however, have to be made by you to enter it for yourself.

–  If you want to enter a costume you made for someone else, be sure to note that in the photo’s title, so I know who is actually entering the contest.

–  Please share with us how you made the costume.  We learn from each other, and sharing is caring don’t you know.

–  My crack team of judges and I will choose a winner on November 1st, and post said winner on the Minnesota Society of Costumers Facebook page, as well as the Contest Facebook page.

–  The winner will receive 1 free ticket to the Steampunk Christmas Carol event on December 3rd.

–  YOU MUST BE A PAID MEMBER OF MNSOC TO ENTER THE CONTEST.  Membership has its privileges, and the fees are discounted in October.  Sign up today!

7.  There is no Rule Seven!


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