What’s in your dream traveling sewing kit? Plus a giveaway!

Using a travel soap case, what sewing essentials would you put in it?

Do you have a favorite small scissors? Do you have special needles or pins you like to travel with? What’s your favorite colored thread to have on hand at all times? The space may be limited, but the ideas are endless!

Approximate Size: 3″ x 4″ x 2″ High

Win a free dream traveling sewing kit from MNSOC!


1 Dream Traveling Sewing Kit

Giveaway ends: Friday, July 15th, 2011 @ 10:00 p.m. Central Time

One winner chosen at random.  (US only)

To Enter Answer…

What is your favorite traveling sewing kit essential/s?
(List as many items as you like in one comment and be as specific as possible. You may see those items in the finished kit!)

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17 responses to “What’s in your dream traveling sewing kit? Plus a giveaway!

  1. DK

    I follow the blog.

  2. DK

    Facebooked it, yo.

  3. DK

    And finally, I am a fan of MNSoC on facebook (as well as a paid member)!

  4. I have a small travel kit:
    Small sturdy Gingher scissors
    Various needles including, curved upholstery/large eye/general use
    Small spools of thread including white, black, beige, blue, brown & green
    Small spools of sinew including black and natural
    Small assortment of safety pins
    Small assortment of pins
    Several basic button

    This all fits in a belt pouch that I take to all my living history events

  5. CJ

    Assorted needles, threads, threader
    Folding Fiskar scissors
    Pins, safety pins
    Leather thimble
    ResQ Tape
    Seam ripper
    Defuzzer comb
    Small Postit notes
    $20 bill (just in case)
    Depending on where I’m going, I sometimes add some long laces, elastic, sturdy cord, material for patching, Fray Check, & Radio Shack lighted magnifier for looking at fabrics. (a little too big for the soap case, sorry.)

  6. Chum

    Seamripper, needle with black & white thread, tiny scissors, safety pins in a variety of sizes, extra lacing cord. 😉

  7. Tiny needlenose pliers, extra jump rings
    a few lengths of ribbon
    needles and thread, i just use a bobbin of black and one of white
    safety pins
    small jewelry polish cloth

  8. Tonia Larson

    Large eyed needle, a few colors of thread on bobbins, a bobbin of mono-filament (it’s clear.. in case I don’t have the color I need..) safety pins, strait pins, dental floss, fabric glue, tiny scissors, nail clippers and a file.

  9. Jodi Gustafson

    The basics are: Scissors, hand sewing needles, quilting pins, clear, white and black thread, safety pins, seam ripper, thimble, a few yards of elastic and a few buttons of various sizes.
    If I’m going to fest I also throw in some long shoe laces, jump rings and a couple yards of ribbon and trim.

  10. Jo

    I always have a nail clippers and a hemostat.
    You can do lots of cool stuff with a hemostat.

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