MNSOC Chapter Awards ~ Costume Con 29

by Laura Ulak

The Minnesota Society of Costumers was proud to present our Chapter Award “The Hotdish” at Costume Con 29, held in Hasborough Heights, NJ.

The “Hotdish” Award is meant to represent that costume that fulfills our motto of “Go Big or Stay Home!”  Of “taking that costume to 11!”  We give this award to the entry that makes us say “WOW!”

The Award usually consists of a small Pyrex bowl and a gift certificate for tator tots from Sonic, on a stick.  However, this year we were unable to transport these items and instead all recipients of the award received a can of  Spam® Lite,  in honor of Austin, MN.  As such, it has become known as the “Spammy” award.  In the future we are going to stick with this plan, and award a can of Spam® (on a stick!) to all future recipients of our chapter award.

picture from here

The award was well received this year (at one point the entire audience started to chant “Spam, spam, spam, spam…”) and MNSOC received a hearty round of applause as the newest chapter of the ICG (International Costumer’s Guild).

The first award went to the “Showboat” entry in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Masquerade.

The second award went to the “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” entry in the Historical Masquerade.

The individuals in both entries seemed thrilled to win the award, and the “Bill and Ted”  folks even asked if we had a can for each of them!  Abraham Lincoln threw his hands in the air and yelled, “Woo!  We won the Spam!”

We had a great time giving out the award, and look forward to giving out this fun award to many deserving individuals in the future!


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One response to “MNSOC Chapter Awards ~ Costume Con 29

  1. Rae Lundquist

    Kudos for representing MN so well. Wish I could have been there. Definitely love the ‘Spam’ award. Looking forward to attending in Denver in 2013.

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