Steampunk Fashion Show!

Written by Laura Ulak
Photos by Jenna Halek

Members of MNSOC recently participated in a Steampunk Fashion Show held in Minneapolis.  The show was for a local crafting group to help them better understand what Steampunk was all about, and how Steampunk can be done on a budget.  The following outfits were displayed:


Character:  Circus Ringleader
Blouse:  Thrifted (Savers)
Hat:  Vintage (hat band made by Chelsey)
Underbust corset:  Fabric from Joann Fabrics, 1890’s Victorian Corselets pattern by Truly Victorian
Overskirt:  Silk from Joann Fabrics, pattern by Chelsey
Petticoat:  Fabric from Joann Fabrics, pattern from Sugardale, made by Jenna Halek
Tights: Hot Topic (clearanced) – Another place you can find striped tights is at Sock Dreams
Shoes:  Thrifted
Jewelry:  Borrowed



Character: Steampunk Spy
Leather jacket:  Thrifted
Skirt: Forever 21
Blouse:  Thrifted and then dyed by Erin Schneider
Corset:  Fabric from Joann Fabrics, made by Chelsey Barnes, Simplicity pattern 2966 (Go Green Collection)
Shoes and necklace:  Her own
Weapon:  Modded by Erin Schneider



Character:  Steampunk Ragamuffin
Hat, blouse and boots:  Thrifted
Hat décor and hand warmers:  Designed by Carol Strand
Purse:  Purchased at CONVERGENCE
Jewelry:  Thrifted and personally owned
Underbust corset:  Fabric from Joann Fabrics, made by Carol Strand, Truly Victorian pattern
Bustled skirt:  Fabric from Joann Fabrics, designed and made by Laura Ulak



Character:  Steampunk Monster Fighter, recently returned from Asia
Kimono:  Estate Sale
Corset:  Charlotte Russe
Tights:  Target
Boots:  Borrowed
Jewelry:  Thrifted, purchased at Minnesota Renaissance Festival, made by Ashley Walton



Character: Alchemist, Mustache Elixir Creator, Black Widow
Goggles:  Military Surplus store
Blouse and skirt:  Borrowed (originally purchased and gifted)
Belt:  Thrifted
Boots:  Borrowed (originally thrifted)
Accessories:  Antique store finds
Vest:  Zoe from Firefly Vest made by Rae, The Dreamstitcher.  Bought at Rae’s costume sale.



Character:  Ginny the Pilot, on vacation
Jewelry:  Thrifted and purchased
Dress:  Vintage wedding dress, thrifted for $1.00.  Dyed with Rit dye and bustled in place.
Boots:  Skechers



Character:  Eve the Assassin and Finishing School Graduate
Hat:  Claire’s
Hat Décor:  Designed by Erin Schneider
Gloves:  Vintage
Pants:  Thrifted full length pants turned into knickers by Erin Schneider
Shoes:  Borrowed
Belt:  Target
Jewelry:  Thrifted or purchased
Gun pack:  Designed and made by Erin Schneider
Weapons:  Purchased at local stores and modded by Erin Schneider
Dress:  Thrifted and then dyed with Rit dye by Erin Schneider



Character:  Laura the Explorer
Hat:  Royal Canadian Mountie Summer Campaign Hat
Hat décor:  Designed by Laura Ulak, supplies from Joann Fabrics and Ax-Man
Blouse:  Lane Bryant
Underbust corset:  Purchased at Teslacon
Vest:  Thrifted jacket modified by Laura Ulak
Leather gauntlets:  Designed and made by Jen Sather, supplies from Ax-Man and Tandy Leather
Jewelry:  Thrifted and personally owned
Accessories:  Thrifted, Antique Store Finds, TJ Maxx
Pants:  Thrifted and modified by Laura Ulak
Boots:  Ragstock



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