Welcome to the Minnesota Society of Costumers!

MNSOC was formed in 2010 by several members of a local costuming group, The Wench Posse.  WP members had attended various costuming events such as Costume Con 2010 and Costume College, and felt there was a need for a home for ALL Minnesota costumers, not just the historical ones, or the Sci Fi ones, etc.  There was a need for a place where everyone could play together and learn from each other.  Since there was no International Costumer’s Guild chapter in MN, we decided that an ICG Chapter to include everyone would be ideal.

At this time we have a small official membership, but a FB page with 240+ members!

We have monthly “Sewing & Crafting” gatherings sessions for folks to share info, ask questions, etc. in regards to costuming they are working on, quarterly mixers, and we are planning on 2-4 large events per year with various themes that all area groups can participate in.  Our first large event will be in July and is a “Heroes & Villains” picnic, and it is FREE admission.  We look forward to seeing the creativity of our members and their outfits!

Membership on the FB page is great, but paid membership is even BETTER.  You get discounts at area sewing supply stores like Joann Fabrics, bead stores like Bobby Bead, and discounts on tickets to MNSOC events.  And there are many more discounts in the works!

We are excited and proud to be an ICG Chapter, and hope you will join us as an official member.

I hope you enjoy the blog!

Laura Ulak
President, MNSOC


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